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Edmonton Photographer & Videographer

Showcasing Your Vibrant Stories

Sean Chai is an Edmonton photographer and videographer. He specializes in health and wellness photography and videography, but also has extensive experience in wedding, lifestyle, and corporate projects. Sean’s goal is to work with you to bring your stories to life. He brands himself as a CONTENT partner, and not just your photographer. Work together with Sean to create visuals that are not only incredible, but authentic to you.

Christina Brennan 161 Visuals Edmonton Photography and Cinematographer - 161 Visuals - Edmonton Photographer & Videographer

ARC Pivotal Media Day

RiseRepublic Media Day

Steph’s Headshots

Cale’s Family Photos

500 Global

Evolve Powerlifting Meet

Robyn & Wes’s Wedding

Zion 100 Mini Documentary

Cristiana Brennan

Andrew Mora

Wolf Grinders

Rachel and Ryley’s Elopement

Connect with Sean

Bring Your Vision to Life

Reach out to 161 Visuals today and start capturing those unforgettable moments. Let’s create something amazing together!

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