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A back story about Sean Chai’s story – when he was 21, he bought his first camera. He couldn’t wait to start taking photos. He would always imagine wild scenarios in his head and try to create a story out of it through imagery and film. He could visualize everything and couldn’t wait to make a story out of it.

Years later he’s fallen in love with capturing memories and the ability to freeze moments in time. He now makes a living with his camera and capturing authentic moments with real people.

His desire isn’t to document moments from your life but to join you in the story you’re telling through imagery. He wants to get to know you on a deeper level so he can create a story in such a way that when you watch it you’ll say, “holy ****, thats us!”

No awkward poses or fake smiles because let’s be honest, no one lives life that way. Sean is here to create intentional and meaningful content that is unique to you.

If you resonate with his style, and are down to open your life to him and his camera, give him a shout to create an adventure together

Edmonton Photographer and Videographer Sean Chai 161 Visuals Bio - 161 Visuals - Edmonton Photographer & Videographer

My Clients

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Oak and Earth Creations - 161 Visuals - Edmonton Photographer & Videographer
Wolf Grinders Large - 161 Visuals - Edmonton Photographer & Videographer
Runaway Workout Club - 161 Visuals - Edmonton Photographer & Videographer
500 Logo - 161 Visuals - Edmonton Photographer & Videographer

“Working with Sean was a creative dream. He brought some of my biggest achievements and deepest personal moments to life. Now thanks to him, I’ll have those memories forever.”

Zack Carey

“First of all, Sean’s creative vision and his ability to see the picture being created is superb. Attention to detail especially with personal shots or angles is one of his specialties when manifesting a scene or what image needs to be captured. I myself find that I hit a roadblock when it comes to creative detailing and that’s exactly where Sean pulls through and excels beyond measure. You need to have an eye for certain looks and working with Sean is without a doubt the only way I was able to produce at that next level.”

Bret Mossing

“Sean and I have worked together a handful of times and he’s not only a great guy but also as professional as it gets when it comes to his craft!

Not only is he easy to talk to but he genuinely cares about getting to know you and what drives you. Sean has a way of translating your personality through the lens in an organic, non forced manner.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for photography/videography in Edmonton & area to highly consider Sean as your choice.”

Dan Grunsky

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Bring Your Vision to Life

Begin your photography journey with 161 Visuals today by reaching out to Sean, and experience the artistry and creativity that comes with capturing unforgettable moments.

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